What is the Gift of Tears?

The actual “gift of tears” is received mostly within the context of the Holy Spirit’s renewing movement (the baptism of the Holy Spirit). There are five facets of the renewal in which weeping and the “Gift of Tears” may be appropriate. Do not expect there to be a very clear demarcation line between human weeping and the Spirit’s gift of tears. Charisms are gifts given to us as individuals, and it is through our own individuality that they operate. So whatever happens is inevitably a mix of the human and the divine. Discerning the divine inspiration for tears is hardly necessary. Unlike, say, the Gift of Prophecy, we are not claiming any authority because of our tears, nor is the Church guided by them or us because of them.

Emotion is finding a rightful place as a part of our total loving response to God’s love whether of penitence, thanksgiving, or adoration.

In preparation for ministry, the changing of our priorities, or removal and destruction of our idols can result in weeping.

New tears can be of healing, release, and liberation whether spiritual or mental.

God can only meet us where we are, and it is often a long and painful journey, and the way may well be the way of tears.

As we grow in our recognition of God and His work, we may become more sensitive to the burden and sorrow of evil and sin around us, causing us to weep.