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Do I have to complete one to form a Chapter?


At what stage in the Formation Process is it submitted?

Stage: Service Team (ST) – Step 6.

Who signs it?

Generally, it is the original Contact Person/Inquirer who signs the Application, but it could be someone designated by the Service Team (ST) to sign.

Is there one and how much is it?

Yes, there is an application fee.
It is a one-time fee of $50.

Why Do I Have to Pay it?

To help defray some of the cost of administration by our office who services our Chapters in Formation.

How do I begin the Formation Process?

On this website go to “Begin Here” complete and submit the form provided or you can call the office at 504-828-MARY (6279) or Email

What is a Chapter in Formation (CIF)?

It is a group of ladies who have received a call from Our Lord to form a Magnificat Chapter and are in the Magnificat guided Formation Process. At the end completion of the Formation Process the CIF will become a licenses Chapter of the Magnificat Ministry.

Is Magnificat A Ministry to Catholic Women connected with the Magnificat Meal Movement?

Magnificat A Ministry to Catholic Women disavows any connection or association between Magnificat A Ministry to Catholic Women and the Magnificat Meal Movement. Please click this link to read the full Disavow Statement.

Disavow Statement

What are they?

Discernment Meetings are part of the formation process where women in your area who are interested in the possibility of bringing Magnificat to your diocese gather together. It is a time for prayer, discernment, and discussion.

How many should we have?

At least four, but as many as it takes. Spending much time in prayer, discernment, and discussion is of utmost importance to the process.

What type of Ecclesial Support does Magnificat have?

Two Archbishops of New Orleans have given their support to Magnificat. Click on each link below to read the letters of support.

Archbishop Hannon Letter

Archbishop Aymond Letter


What are the Stages of the Formation Process?

There are 3 Stages of the Formation Process. Stage 1—Inquirer (IR); Stage 2—Contact Person (CP); Stage 3—Service Team (ST). Within each Stage there are steps with various tasks that need to be completed before moving on towards becoming a licensed Magnificat Chapter.

What is the Magnificat Handbook?

The Handbook is a reference book, consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Hear of Mary, covering topics such as the Magnificat constitution, Chapter Guidelines, Instruction on the Magnificat Meal and supplemental information that will aid in better understanding or implementing the materials presented in other sections of the handbook.

What is a Holy Alliance?

Magnificat, A Ministry to Catholic Women, holds as its third objective to “provide opportunities which foster growth in holiness,” and recognizes unity throughout the Body of Christ and the Church as something to be promoted, expressed, and preserved (Constitution pages 6-7). To these ends, it is beneficial to form relationships with like-minded ministries. We call these associations Holy Alliances.

These collaborations allow Magnificat to offer resources, study programs, and ongoing events which enrich, educate, encourage, and inspire women to faithfully fulfill their roles in the family, church, and world.

What happens after you make first contact with the Ministry?

Within a short time of your initial contact you will receive a call, text or email from the Formation Team to answer any questions you may have and for us to get to know you.

What is an Inquirer (IR)?

An IR is a Catholic woman who has contacted the Magnificat Ministry inquiring about starting a Magnificat Chapter.

Why does a Chapter have to be licensed?

Magnificat® is a registered trademark and Chapters in good standing must sign a License Agreement for authorization of use the Trademark.

Why do I need to attend a Life in the Spirit Seminar?

Magnificat was born out of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and, as such, remains open to the gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, it is very important that the women who will lead a Magnificat Chapter have at least attended a Life in the Spirit Seminar and have been renewed in the Holy Spirit.

What is the Magnificat Meal?

The Magnificat Meal is the essential function of Magnificat. This two-to three hour gathering takes place at least four times a year, providing opportunity for a shared meal, fellowship, praise, a guest speaker’s personal testimony of God’s action in her life, and intercessory prayer.

What is membership in Magnificat?

Membership in Magnificat is of a spiritual nature, conferred for life, and open to all women who:
• Strive to incorporate in their lives the purposes and objectives of Magnificat and
• Agree to pray for Magnificat and its members the
• Complete the membership form as a sign of their commitment to Magnificat and its ideals.

There are NO dues. We depend upon free-will donations to subsidize our activities

What is the Magnificat Mission Statement?

Magnificat exists to evangelize and to encourage Catholic women to grow in holiness through opening more fully to the power and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

What are the objectives of Magnificat?

The Magnificat objectives are to:

    1) live out the mystery of Mary’s visit to Elizabeth,

    2) help Catholic women to open more and more to the Holy Spirit through a deeper commitment of their lives to Jesus as Lord and to impart the Holy Spirit to one another by their love, service, and sharing the good news of salvation,

    3) provide opportunities which foster growth in holiness,

    4) sponsor the Magnificat Meal, the essential function of Magnificat, and

    5) imitate Mary through spiritual adoption of priests and seminarians.

What is Magnificat?

Magnificat is a private association of the Christian faithful dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God, an image of the Church, and model for all Christian, especially women. It is a ministry to Catholic women with the purpose of helping Catholic women open more to the Holy Spirit through a deeper commitment of their lives to Jesus as Lord and to impart the Holy Spirit to one another by their love, service, and sharing the good news of salvation. It thus provides opportunities which will foster a desire to grow in holiness.

What are Modified Statutes?

Modified parts of the Magnificat Constitution — when you think “Statutes” think “Constitution”. These are minor modifications concerning naming the Chapter (Article III.B.5), location of the Chapter (Article III.B.6), and incorporation of the Chapter (Article III.B.7).

Does the bishop have to review or approve the Modified Statutes?

Episcopal review or approval of these statutes is necessary for Magnificat to achieve recognition from the Catholic Church as an association (See c. 299.3.). The Archbishop of New Orleans has approved these statutes for his jurisdiction. The bishop of each diocese outside New Orleans must review or approve these statutes for Magnificat to establish itself in his jurisdiction.

Magnificat Ministry is blessed to partner with the Ultimate Christian Podcast Network in bringing you wonderful podcasts on various subjects. Please click on the image below to go to the programs. God bless!

Due to trademark and registration guidelines, the Magnificat logo and graphics must be used as designed and may not be used without permission.

Please contact the Magnificat office at 504-828-MARY [6279] or by email at for authorization and correct graphics.

Why do I need a Reference Form from my Liaison and Pastor?

Your Liaison and Pastor, who know you and have met with you regarding the formation of a Chapter in your diocese, will give us the go ahead to continue working with you, since we do not have the advantage of getting to know you personally because of distance.

What is a Service Team (ST)?

A Service Team is a group of servant leaders (three to seven women) who will be chosen to guide the daily activities of the Chapter, assume responsibility for administration and remain faithful to the purposes of Magnificat.

What is the role of a Spiritual Advisor (SA)?

Ideally the Spiritual Advisor is a priest or deacon in the Catholic Church who is approved by the Bishop, who will be available to the Service Team to answer spiritual questions and to approve (or not) the Service Team’s choice of speakers for their Magnificat Meals, once they are up and running. Your Formation Team member will assist you will additional information on role of the SA when needed.

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