Life in the Spirit Seminar

During the Last Supper, Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit to remain with His Church forever. That promise was fulfilled through the charismatic experience at Pentecost.

Repeated affirmations by our Popes have encouraged us to embrace the charismatic dimension of our faith. More than 120 million Catholics in 235 countries have experienced the touch of God through the renewal. But there is more … so much more for each of us!

The Life In The Spirit Seminar continues the Pentecost miracle today in our communities. The Holy Spirit wants to empower us, to give us His gifts and to touch us personally.

If you would like a deeper union with God, a greater love for others, a fuller presence in your life of the fruit of the Holy Spirit, a fresh appreciation of Scripture, a desire for Christian fellowship, one or more of the charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit such as discernment and wisdom, then you won’t want to miss a Life In The Spirit Seminar and this wonderful opportunity to experience the power and presence of the Spirit in your life!


A Personal Spiritual Renewal Focus: Faith, Jesus, prayer life, Scripture, and the Holy Spirit becoming more alive for them personally;

A Prayer Group Focus: Developing groups that meet weekly for praise and worship, openness to charisms, and supporting each other in the ways of the Spirit;

A Covenant Community Focus: Some groups felt a call to a deeper commitment to one another beyond a weekly prayer group, modeling their life on the early Jerusalem community in the Acts of the Apostles;

A Healing Prayer Focus: Praying with people for healing of body and soul.

Check your Magnificat, Diocesan and Parish calendars for upcoming Life in the Spirit Seminars (LISS) in your area.

Catholic Charismatic Groups and Magnificat Chapters often provide these seminars.

Additional LISS resources are:

Wild Goose – a 14 part video series provided by the Ministry of the Wild Goose.

As By a New Pentecost – a DVD series consisting of 7 teachings produced by Renewal Ministries.

Treat yourself! You can’t experience LISS too many times!

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