Only authorized members of the Ministry may log onto our Intranet. Please click on the link below and enter your Username and Password.

* Note: Do NOT check the box to remember your password. It compromises security.

If you have forgotten or misplaced your password, click on the link below and then click on “Lost Your Password?” below the login form. Input your email that you have registered with Magnificat. You will receive a notice in your email and it will give you directions to generate a new password. If you still have issues logging in, please contact the Help Desk.

If you enter the wrong username or password, you may receive a “cookies” notice. If this happens, refresh the page (ctrl or cmd R) and try again.

You will no longer have to log out of the Intranet; it will automatically disconnect after about 10 minutes.

If you changed your email address, you must let the Central office know immediately for their records and they will forward to Carolyn Wright. If you don’t, a new password prompt will not get to you.


Intranet Login