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Welcome from Metairie, LA!

We welcome you to the webpage of the Metairie, LA Chapter (Mother Chapter). These are exciting times that we live in and Magnificat was begun in 1981 for such a time as this. There are now over 100 chapters throughout the United States and its territories and in many foreign countries.

 Magnificat Metairie Day of Reflection

Denise Beyer

January 20, 2023

Our Lady of Divine Providence Catholic Church

8617 W. Metairie Ave

Metairie, LA 70003


PRESENTER: DENISE BEYER is a resident of Baton Rouge and was a former resident of Houma, LA. She serves on the CCRNO Core Team for Women’s Retreats and Days of Refreshment. She has served as a frequent speaker and worship facilitator for the Charismatic Wednesday Nights of Renewal in Houma, LA. She has spoken at Days of Renewal, Retreats, Conferences, Magnificat Breakfasts, and Life in the Spirit Seminars throughout southern Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas and is an occasional host on Catholic Community Radio’s Wake Up Show. Denise is a bold, gifted and very informed teacher/speaker endowed and empowered with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Registration my mail:  $30.00  (lunch included)

Checks to be received no later than Tuesday, January 17, 2023 – no money accepted at door.

Send the name of each attendee along with a check made payable to Magnificat Metairie and mail to:

Jane Margavio
306 Ormond Meadows Dr.
Apt.  A
Destrehan, LA 70047
or call (504) 884-6152

Please include and address, phone number and email.


Starts with a 9 AM  Mass

First talk:   10 AM, you must check in after or before Mass.

Parking:   In Church parking lot

Since the day is designed to speak to the hearts of women, free of distractions, it is respectfully requested that children to not attend.  However, mothers with nursing infants are welcome



March 25, 2023   Magnificat Breakfast with Becki Landry


Remember our chapter’s commitment to Eucharistic Adoration and to pray the Rosary for New Pentecost on the 1st of each month for the intentions of Magnificat, Sanctity of Life, Marriage and Family, and World Peace.


Is God calling you to be in a Prayer Group? Jesus said “Wherever two or three are gathered in My Name, there I am in their midst.” Our prayer groups are open to all.


Lisa Winter: Coordinator                                Melanie Baglow:Coordinator Advisor
Elsa Hodges:  Secretary                               Sylvia Thomas:Historian
Jane Margavio:Treasurer
Spiritual Advisor: Fr. Beau Charbonnet

If you would like to help with a Ministry of Magnificat, or if you have a question or comment for Our Service Team, or if you would like to be on our Mailing list for future events, please contact Lisa Winter 504-909-6832

HISTORY of Magnificat Metairie, Mother Chapter

(Archdiocese of New Orleans)
The first Magnificat Breakfast was held in New Orleans, LA on Oct. 7, 1981. During the next 6 years expansion of the ministry took place necessitating division of duties between two teams: a central service team to concentrate on expansion and a Metairie service team to plan the MAGNIFICAT Meal locally and have the privilege of being called the “Mother Chapter.”

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