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We welcome you to the webpage of the St. Petersburg Magnificat Chapter. These are exciting times that we live in. Magnificat began in 1981 for such a time as this. There are now over 100 chapters throughout the United States and its territories, and in many foreign countries.

St. Petersburg Chapter Annual Mother-Daughter Prayer Breakfast
Saturday, May 5, 2018
9:15 AM to 12:15 PM
Sacred Heart Church Parish Hall
7981 46th Way North
(Intersection of 46th Way and 80th Ave.)
Pinellas Park, FL 33710

Mass will be celebrated at 8:00 am in the church.


Featured Speakers
Carol Hallock 

Sr. Grace Maria, DLJC


Little girls love to play dress up. They become princesses or super heroes or Cinderella. When Rebecca Hallock asked her mom to play dress up with her she wanted them to be the angel Gabriel and the Blessed Mother. Her mother remembers her childhood dress up play as inspired but to Rebecca it was normal. Even at five, she had an openness and awareness of the sacred. “He calls us to different things from our Baptism.” As a little girl, Rebecca was already attentive to the things that were holy…set apart for God.

Rebecca attended Blessed Sacrament School and St. Petersburg High School where she attended youth group. As a Florida State University student she studied Physics, yet even there, her openness to the spiritual continued, as she supplemented her academic education with spiritual nourishment. While at FSU, where she says the youth group was vibrant, she felt a true conversion and experienced the power of the Holy Spirit. Entering a contemplative-active Franciscan Charismatic Order, The Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, three years ago in August, she became Sr. Grace Maria.

While not particularly religious in her early life, Carol began to hear the call of Christ in 2001 when her husband first had open heart surgery. She discovered the power of the rosary, which is significant because until that time she had an aversion to the rosary. Led by Mary, this wife and mother came to a fuller relationship with Christ through the rosary, the study of the Word, and Spiritual Direction at the House of Prayer. There she completed the Spiritual Direction School and now serves as a Spiritual Director.

Guiding souls to Christ is a holy work, set apart for special people. God has truly blessed this mother and daughter who have dedicated their lives to guiding souls in their own very unique ways. In the end they have become what they only played in the early days…they are princesses of the King, super heroes in a world of villains , and humble servants of the Lord.


Personal Prayer ministry is available after the meal by the Magnificat Service Team.
Religious books and CD’s are available for purchase after the meal.

Since the day is designed to speak to the hearts of women, free of distractions, it is respectfully requested that young children under the age of 14 not be in attendance. ADULT DAUGHTERS AND GRANDDAUGHTERS ARE WELCOME!


Tickets to the Prayer Breakfast are $16.00 and may be obtained from our ticket chairwoman, Linda Barron. Please send your name, address, city, state, zip code, phone number, and email address (include the names and phone numbers of other ticket holders in your group), with your check made out to Magnificat to:

You may wish to print out the form below to send in to reserve your space. Your name will be on the list at the door. No tickets will be sold at the door. We must receive your check and reservation by April 30, 2018, in order to reserve your place.

If you are unable to afford a ticket but want to attend the meal, please contact us at magnificatofstpetersburg@gmail.com  and arrangements will be made for a ticket to be sent to you.
Ticket sales end April 30, 2018. 
No tickets are sold at the door.

Please use this form for mail-in reservations.

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16.00 per person by mail; registration form must be received by April 30, 2018 to reserve your space. (check only)

Name ________________________________________________

Guest(s) Name ______________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________

City ___________________________ State ______ Zip __________

Phone # ____________________

Email (Please print clearly) ______________________________

Enclosed is $ ________________ for _______________ Number of Reservations.

Checks should be made out to “Magnificat.”

Please mail this reservation form and $16.00 per person to:

Linda Barron
6069 Second Avenue North
St. Petersburg, FL


October 20, 2018-Speaker TBA
February 2, 2019-Speaker TBA
April 27, 2019- Speaker TBA



Remember our chapter’s commitment to Eucharistic Adoration and to pray the Rosary on the 13th of each month for the intentions of Magnificat, Sanctity of Life, Marriage and Family, and World Peace.


Is God calling you to be in a Prayer Group? Jesus said “Wherever two or three are gathered in My Name, there I am in their midst.” Our prayer groups are open to all.

Presence of God Prayer Group
Holy Cross Church – St. Petersburg
Tuesdays at 7:30 PM

Light of Christ Charismatic Prayer Group
St. Patrick’s Catholic Church – Largo
Parish Center
Wednesdays at 7 PM

Fire in the Spirit Prayer Group
Cathedral of St. Jude the Apostle – St. Petersburg
Thursdays at 7:30 PM


Kathy Bolich, Coordinator
Jane Swan, Assistant Coordinator
Lucinda Moore, Historian
Linda Barron, Treasurer
Kathy Rankin
Fr. George Iregi, Interim Spiritual Advisor, Most Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church in Gulfport, FL

If you would like to help with the ministry of Magnificat, or if you have a question or comment for our Service Team, or if you would like to be on our mailing list for future events, please contact us at  magnificatofstpetersburg@gmail.com.

HISTORY of Magnificat of St. Petersburg

The origin of our Magnificat Ministry came from New Orleans. Since it was born of the Holy Spirit, the Magnificat Ministry grew and spread and found it’s way to Tampa, Florida.

Helen Piazza heard about the Tampa breakfast and planned to attend. She invited Arlene Diaco, who was grieving the recent death of her mother, to attend with her. The speaker at that meeting was none other than Marilyn Quirk, one of the founders of the New Orleans Magnificat. Arlene and Helen had a wonderful morning and in thanksgiving, stayed at their table at the close of the breakfast and prayed their rosary. They were so filled with the Holy Spirit that they asked Marilyn that day how they could receive information about bringing the Magnificat to Pinellas County. Marilyn told them about a process that they would need to follow to bring the ministry to Pinellas, and it was a long process.  But another woman at the breakfast had already started the process and then had discerned that she could not complete the task, so she gave the Magnificat Handbook to them. They went home and called their friends Mary Mallette and Helen Ezzo and asked them to assist with the planning and implementation of a Magnificat. The four friends started calling other friends for assistance with the various committees needed to put on a Magnificat Breakfast. Word of the new ministry for women spread among the local community and Elsie Miller and Fran Wolfe decided to attend. Elsie and Fran arrived at the next planning meeting, thinking that it was the event. They offered their talents and the original service team for the St. Petersburg Magnificat was born.

The formation of the St. Petersburg Chapter was not as long as the Central Service team of New Orleans had planned. The Holy Spirit led our original service team and encouraged them and sent them the support and resources that they needed. The original service team of St. Petersburg was a group of faith-filled women whose belief in the promises of Christ overflowed into joy and action. They did not think about whether they had the talent, the connections, or the money to bring a new ministry to our area. They stepped out in faith and imitated the visitation as they brought Jesus to the catholic women in Pinellas County.

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