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We welcome you to the web page of Mother of Mercy, Fort Myers, FL Chapter of Magnificat. These are exciting times that we live in and Magnificat began in 1981 for such a time as this. There are now over 100 chapters throughout the United States and its territories and in many foreign countries.

Magnificat Prayer Breakfast

Hosted by Mother of Mercy, Fort Myers, FL Chapter of Magnificat


Saturday, January 13, 2018

9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Doors open at 9 am. We do not assign seats, so please arrive early.


Holiday Inn Airport
at Gulf Coast Town Center
9931 Interstate Commerce Dr
Fort Myers, Florida 33913


Guest Speaker: Amberose Courville

Amberose Courville is an artist from Sarasota, Florida. She is the oldest of five children on earth and four beautiful souls in Heaven. Blessed with very supportive Catholic parents, they encouraged her artistic development from the time she could hold a pencil.

Amberose attended Epiphany Cathedral Catholic School for elementary and middle school. Through God’s grace, her artistic skills developed tremendously as she transitioned into Venice High School. Amberose had a very talented art teacher who guided and strengthened her artistic skills and abilities. Several of Amberose’s high school art pieces won numerous awards and were published in various newspapers and magazines. Her high school art pieces were very well known throughout Sarasota County. She even had a painting displayed for one year in the U.S. Capitol.

After high school, Amberose attended Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU). There she earned a B.S. in Human Performance, a minor in Art, and a minor in Education. While attending this secular university, Amberose’s faith was challenged by her peers and professors. With the guidance of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit, Amberose learned how to courageously share Jesus’ love and mercy through her art. The paintings she created became a source of healing for many. Her unique style first draws the eyes, but the moment her
paintings are explained the soul is captivated. Amberose’s artistic talent is a gift from God alone. Therefore, she can’t wait to share her God inspired paintings with you.

We do not assign seats, so please arrive early to check in at the Reservation Table and find seat(s) before the program begins.

Religious books and CD’s as well as speaker testimonies will be available for sale at the meal.

Since the day is designed to speak to the hearts of women, free of distractions, it is respectfully requested that young children not be in attendance.  Babysitting is not provided.


Tickets are $20 and must be purchased in advance to secure your reservation. No tickets will be sold at the door.

You may order tickets online through our website at: www.magnificatfortmyers.org

You may also order tickets by mailing a check along with the reservation form found below.  Your check will serve as your receipt.

Please use this form for Mail-In Reservations ONLY. Complete the form below (include the names and phone numbers of other ticket holders in your group). Reservations MUST be received by January 5th.

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$20 per person by mail;

Registration Form for January 13th must be received by January 5, 2018.

Name ________________________________________________

Guest(s) Name ______________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________

City ___________________________ State ______ Zip __________

Phone # ____________________

Email (Please print clearly) ______________________________

I am available to serve as:
Table Hostess ___ Greeter ___

Enclosed is $ ________________ for _______________ Number of Reservations.

Please Mail Reservation Form and check for $20 per person, payable to “Magnificat Fort Myers” to:

Joanne Tarantino
7768 Jewel Lane #102
Naples, FL 34109
Barbara Tay
20230 Burnside Place #1703
Estero, FL 33928

For further information or questions call Dr. Sue Ellen Nolan at 248-330-7276.


March 2018 — Details to come


Remember our chapter’s commitment to Eucharistic Adoration and to pray the Rosary on the 8th of each month for the intentions of Magnificat, Sanctity of Life, Marriage and Family, and World Peace.


Is God calling you to be in a Prayer Group? Jesus said “Wherever two or three are gathered in My Name, there I am in their midst.” Our prayer groups are open to all.

Jesus is Lord Charismatic Prayer Group
Meets seasonally on Wednesdays evenings at Church of the Resurrection of Our Lord, Ft. Myers, FL.  Contact Cristina Martinez at cristinaforjc@gmail.com.

Magnificat Internet Prayer Ministry:
Nancy Izydorczak
Send prayer requests to nancyizzy@embarqmail.com


Dr. Sue Ellen Nolan, Coordinator
Felice Gerwitz, Co-Assistant Coordinator
Cristina Martinez, Co-Assistant Coordinator
Peg Mengle, Treasurer
Mary Dowling, Historian
Mary Zitnik, Secretary & Music Chairwoman

For more information about Magnificat, contact Dr. Sue Ellen Nolan at 248-330-7276.

To be added to our Mailing List, send an email to Nancy Izydorczak at
nancyizzy@embarqmail.com or call Sue Ellen Nolan at 248-330-7276.

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HISTORY of Mother of Mercy Chapter

[Diocese of Venice, FL]
Est. December 16, 2004


Our Lord definitely had a plan for this Chapter before its beginning! He set independent events in motion several years before the founding of the Chapter. Margaret Adams, Fernande Benjamin, Virginia Mc Hugh and several others in Southwest Florida were praying weekly for a Marian, Charismatic ministry to start in the Diocese. Mary Zitnik, a vocalist and composer from Chicago, had written a praise song version of the Blessed Mother’s Magnificat before moving to the area in 2000 and she became the music minister at Bob and Cristina Martinez’s “Jesus is Lord” Prayer Group in Ft. Myers.


Gerry Mader and Marilyn Quirk had served simultaneously on the National Service Committee Advisory Council for several years where Lois Ann Mader was introduced to Marilyn. Em Weiss, Lay Spiritual Director for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal had inquired about Magnificat. When Marilyn learned that Lois Ann was moving to Florida in the fall of 2002 she casually said, “I want you to form a Magnificat chapter when you move there.” All this took place as a prelude to Mother of Mercy Chapter.


After moving to Ft. Myers, the Maders were asked to serve on the Diocese of Venice Charismatic Service Team, since both had formal experience serving the Renewal. Lois Ann met with Beryl Kinney, Eastern Regional Rep for Magnificat who wintered in Florida. They invited Em Weiss to a meeting with Mimi Reilly, Bishop Nevins’ representative, to speak about forming a chapter. They were given the go-ahead to form a Discernment Team. The Central Service Team confirmed Em Weiss’ appointment of Lois Ann Mader as Contact Person for the beginning of a Magnificat chapter in the Diocese of Venice.

Beryl provided Lois Ann with the names of several area women to invite to serve on the Discernment Team. Before calling, she prayed and heard, “You will have to dig deep but you will find jewels.” She made many calls with no positive response.

Meanwhile, the Maders became active members of “Jesus is Lord” Prayer Group, where they met Cristina Martinez, Mary Zitnik and Margaret Adams, long-time member of the group. One evening, Mary felt led to share her Magnificat and Lois Ann recognized this as a go-ahead sign from God. She then asked Cristina, Margaret, and Mary to join the Discernment Team. They agreed and were encouraged to invite others to seek God’s direction.

Our Lord’s plan to form this SWFL chapter was truly multinational. The Discernment Team came to include Lois Ann Mader, Mary Zitnik, and Virginia McHugh from the USA, Cristina Martinez from Chile, Margaret Adams from Bermuda, Rosalia Brunco from Italy, Fernande Benjamin from Canada, and Ann Doherty from Scotland. The Regional Representative was Olga Myers who provided encouragement and assistance. As the group met, in addition to studying the Magnificat Constitution and By-Laws at each weekly meeting, one member was asked to share her personal walk with Jesus and this bonded the women. They dubbed themselves, “Super Glue Sisters.” Six of them attended the International Magnificat Conference in New Orleans, LA in September 2003; upon returning, they decided to form a chapter in the diocese.


While waiting for Bishop Nevins’ approval in April, Fr. Jack Smyth, a Redemptorist priest, was asked to meet the Team and to consider becoming the Chapter’s Spiritual Advisor. Much to the Team’s amazement, he asked what he could do to assist in forming the chapter and mentioned that he had dinner with the bishop every Sunday night. Within two weeks, the bishop granted his permission to move forward and appointed Fr. Jack Spiritual Advisor. In June, Em Weiss lead the Team in discerning who would serve on the first official Service Team and in what roles. Lois Ann Mader was named Coordinator. Cristina Martinez and Margaret Adams were to serve as Co-Assistant Coordinators. Fernande Benjamin became Treasurer, Mary Zitnik was named Secretary and Anne Dougherty became Historian. Rosalia Brunco and Virginia McHugh agreed to become regular intercessors. In discerning a name for the Chapter, all but one brought the name “Mother of Mercy;” once again God’s inspiration was clear.

On August 22, a letter was sent to Bishop Nevins, asking him to review the Magnificat Constitution. The Chapter received approval on October 7, (The Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary). Then, off went the official letter to the CST (Central Service Team) to request the Chapter License, which was granted on November 11. Mother of Mercy Chapter was officially incorporated in the state of Florida on December 16, 2004.


Aware of the finances and volunteers needed to host a Meal, the Service Team sponsored a Commissioning Mass followed by an informational coffee about Magnificat on January 22, at Church of the Resurrection of Our Lord in Ft. Myers. Approximately 200 women who were baptized in the Spirit were invited; 100 women came, some became ministry Chairwomen. Fr. Jack Smyth offered the Mass. The first Magnificat Breakfast was held on April 23, at the Holiday Inn Plaza in Ft. Myers. Beryl Kinney was the first speaker.

The “Super Glue Sisters” continued to serve as the Service Team for several years. As Team members have stepped down, Mother of Mercy Chapter has been continually blessed with godly women to serve in their place. This Ft. Myers, Florida Chapter continually seeks to praise and serve God and encourage women to forge lasting relationships with Our Lord, Our Lady and each other, led by the Holy Spirit, under the patronage of Mary, Mother of Mercy.